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The Davis Family

Dealing with their daughter being bullied at school, the Davis family sought help from The Hull Firm.


The Davis family's daughter, who has a learning disability, was being bullied and harassed at school. The school was not taking adequate steps to address the issue, which was affecting her mental health and academic performance.

Our Solution:

We intervened as the Davis family's special education lawyers, gathering evidence of the bullying incidents and the school's inadequate response. We filed a complaint with the school district and requested a review of their policies and procedures regarding bullying.


The school district implemented a comprehensive anti-bullying plan and provided additional support for the Davis family's daughter. She now feels safer at school and her academic performance has improved as a result.

How We Can Help You

The Hull Firm specializes in education law and child welfare, providing expert legal support to families in need. Our dedicated team of attorneys works tirelessly to ensure that every child receives the education and care they deserve.

  • Education Lawyer: Our lawyers are experts in handling educational disputes and providing effective legal representation.

  • Child Welfare Advocacy: We represent families in juvenile court, ensuring that children are placed in safe and supportive environments.

  • Local Support: Our attorneys are conveniently located and ready to assist with any legal challenges you may face.

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