Estate Case

A family came in with a unsettle estate case and was facing a million-dollar foreclosure on a piece an heir property.  No other attorney would even consult with the family.  After thoroughly researching the issues and developing a strategy to meet the needs of the family,  Attorney Kamau Hull was able to prevent the foreclosure to save the property and settle the estate. 

Juvenile Dependency Case

A client retained Attorney Hull to fight for custody after the client's parents decided to make false allegations of domestic violence in an attempt to gain custody of the client's children. Prior to retaining Ms. Hull, the juvenile court had removed the children from the client's custody and she was not able to see her children. Ms. Hull was able to have the client's custody restored and was able to prevent the family member from continuing to emotionally abuse her client.

Trucking Accident Case

A client suffered minor injuries in a trucking accident.  The insurance company initially offered only $25,000 to settle the case.  Attorney K. Hull was able to recover $100,000 for the client.

Special Education Case

A school refused to give a student the special education services that he was entitled to under his Individualized Education Program and was beginning to retaliate against the family for voicing their concerns. Attorney Hull filed a Formal Complaint with the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) and the student was awarded a semester of compensatory education at no additional charge to the family and additional accommodations.

Wrongly Accused

A client retained us when another child falsely accused her son of rape. The attorneys at The Hull Firm got involved and got the case dismissed.