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Resource Directory for Additional Legal Services

Welcome to our Resource Directory for Additional Legal Services

At The Hull Firm LLC, we understand that the legal needs of special needs children and their families often extend beyond educational law. To provide comprehensive support and advocacy, we have curated a directory of trusted legal service providers who specialize in various areas, including guardianship, healthcare, and family law. 

Our goal is to ensure that you have access to expert legal assistance tailored to your unique situation, helping you navigate complex legal challenges with confidence. Below, you will find contact information for firms and attorneys dedicated to advocating for the rights and needs of exceptional children. 

We hope this resource serves as a valuable tool in securing the comprehensive legal support your family deserves. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Council & Associates

Child Personal Injury Lawyers

Georgia law has unique rules that address injuries and wrongful deaths of children differently. As such, it’s imperative that you retain the services of a knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled Georgia personal injury attorney to file a claim on behalf of your child.

(404) 835-0021

Burgess & Christensen

Disability Attorneys

The legal team at Burgess & Christensen has a proven history of successfully representing individuals and families in matters involving Social Security Disability and Adult Guardianship. 

(470) 315-9162
Jeyaram logo Blues (2).jpg

Jeyaram & Associates

Special Needs & Estate Planning Services

A special needs trust is a way to protect your loved one’s current resources and future benefits.  We customize every special needs trust to best meet your family's needs.

State Bar of Georgia

Find a Lawyer Guide

If you find yourself in need of legal assistance in the future or if you have different legal requirements, we encourage you to explore the Georgia Bar's Find a Lawyer service. They can connect you with qualified professionals who specialize in various areas of law. You can access their service via

State Bar.png
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