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Education Law

Children have rights in matters involving school discipline. When those rights are not protected, children can face unfair consequences like suspension and expulsion, and are consequently placed within the school to prison pipeline. 


We also know that school is hard enough, but not having access to needed supports and resources can cripple a child’s education and ultimately, their future.  


Please click on either of the following education law disputes to see how our experienced attorneys can help you protect your child's educational rights:

If your child is being disciplined by their school, it’s important that they be represented by an attorney who understands how these hearings work and who is able to advocate for their best interests. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge about how to handle cases involving school disciplinary hearings and are ready to help.

If you are the parent of a child with special needs, and are facing challenges and frustrations in dealing with your school district, call on us for compassionate legal counsel and zealous representation to assist you in advocating for your child to receive an appropriate education and services. 

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