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Henry County Schools

Welcome to The Hull Firm, a dedicated special education law firm serving the Henry County School District in McDonough, Georgia. We understand the unique challenges that parents of children with special needs face, and we are here to provide the legal representation and advocacy you need to ensure your child receives the education they deserve.

Special Education Advocacy and Legal Support for Parents in the

Henry County School District


Our Services

At The Hull Firm, we specialize in various aspects of special education law to support families in the Henry County School District. Our experienced attorneys and advocates offer comprehensive services, including:

Special Education Advocacy

Navigating the complexities of special education can be overwhelming. Our team acts as your special education advocate, helping you understand your child’s rights and the educational services they are entitled to under the law. We are committed to ensuring that your child receives the appropriate accommodations and support.

IEP Meeting Representation

Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings are crucial for determining the best educational path for your child. Our IEP attorneys near you will attend these meetings with you, providing expert guidance and ensuring that your child’s needs are fully addressed and met.

Independent Education Evaluations

If you disagree with the school’s evaluation of your child, you have the right to request an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE). Our special education attorneys near you will assist in obtaining and reviewing these evaluations to ensure an accurate assessment of your child’s needs.

Manifestation Determination Hearings

When a child with a disability faces disciplinary action, a manifestation determination hearing is essential to determine if the behavior is linked to their disability. Our special education lawyers near you provide strong representation to protect your child’s rights during these hearings.

State Educational Complaints

If you believe that the school district is not complying with special education laws, filing a state educational complaint may be necessary. Our experienced special ed lawyers near you will guide you through this process and advocate on your behalf.

Due Process Hearings

In some cases, disputes between parents and schools cannot be resolved through mediation or complaints and may require a due process hearing. Our special education attorneys are skilled in representing families in these formal proceedings to ensure your child's educational rights are upheld.

Why Choose The Hull Firm?

Choosing the right legal representation can make a significant difference in your child’s education. Here’s why The Hull Firm stands out:

  • Expertise: Our team consists of highly knowledgeable special education attorneys and advocates who are well-versed in the laws and regulations affecting special education.

  • Dedication: We are passionate about advocating for the rights of children with special needs and committed to providing personalized legal support.

  • Local Focus: As a firm based in Georgia, we have a deep understanding of the local school systems, including the Henry County School District, ensuring tailored and effective advocacy for your child.

Contact Us Today

If you are seeking a special education advocate in Georgia or require legal representation for your child’s educational needs, contact The Hull Firm. Our team is ready to assist you with comprehensive legal services to support your child’s education journey.

Henry County Schools

Elementary Schools


  • Austin Road Elementary School

  • Bethlehem Elementary School

  • Cotton Indian Elementary School

  • Dutchtown Elementary School

  • East Lake Elementary

  • Fairview Elementary School

  • Flippen Elementary School

  • Hampton Elementary School

  • Hickory Flat Elementary School

  • Locust Grove Elementary School

  • Luella Elementary School

  • Mount Carmel Elementary School

  • New Hope Elementary

  • Oakland Elementary School

  • Ola Elementary School

  • Pate's Creek Elementary School

  • Pleasant Grove Elementary School

  • Red Oak Elementary School

  • Rocky Creek Elementary

  • Smith-Barnes Elementary School

  • Stockbridge Elementary School

  • Timber Ridge Elementary School

  • Tussahaw Elementary

  • Unity Grove Elementary School

  • Walnut Creek Elementary

  • Wesley Lakes Elementary School

  • Woodland Elementary School

Middle Schools


  • Austin Road Middle School

  • Dutchtown Middle School

  • Eagle's Landing Middle School

  • EXCEL Academy (06-12)

  • Hampton Middle School

  • Locust Grove Middle

  • Luella Middle School

  • McDonough Middle School

  • Ola Middle School

  • Stockbridge Middle School

  • Union Grove Middle

  • Woodland Middle School

High Schools


  • Dutchtown High

  • Eagle's Landing High School

  • EXCEL Academy (06-12)

  • Hampton High School

  • Locust Grove High

  • Luella High School

  • McDonough High School

  • Ola High School

  • Stockbridge High School

  • Union Grove High

  • Woodland High School

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