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Attorney Hull Sworn in As GABWA Regional Vice President

Jan 16, 2020

Attorney Hull Makes History as the first Regional Vice President for the Athens Chapter of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (“GABWA”), a statewide organization founded in 1981 by a group of African American women to 1) focus on women and children’s issues, 2) increase black female representation in the judiciary and public offices, and 3) take a proactive stance on political issues. GABWA has an active membership of women and men who strive each day to fulfill the organization’s mission: to nurture, support and galvanize the power of Black women attorneys; advocate for women and children and empower our communities. GABWA has members throughout the state with regional chapters in Albany, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, and Savannah. Membership in GABWA is open to all individuals, regardless of race or sex. We are judges, in-house counsel, Fortune 100 and 500 company employees, law firm partners and associates, solo practitioners, government attorneys and law professors. We are elected and appointed officials, philanthropists, trailblazers and community activists.

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