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The Smith Family

The Smith family's son, diagnosed with ADHD, was facing unfair disciplinary actions. Click to learn how we ensured the school provided appropriate behavioral supports, leading to significant improvements.


The Smith family’s son, who has ADHD, was facing frequent disciplinary actions that were not in line with his IEP accommodations. These actions were negatively impacting his education and self-esteem.

Our Solution:

We stepped in as the Smith family's special education lawyers, reviewing all disciplinary records and the existing IEP. We identified several procedural violations and presented those during the Manifestation Determination Review (MDR).


The MDR revealed that the disciplinary actions were indeed related to the child’s disability. The school was required to revise their disciplinary approach and provide additional behavioral supports. The Smith family’s son is now receiving the appropriate accommodations and has shown marked improvement in both behavior and academic performance.

How We Can Help You

The Hull Firm specializes in education law and child welfare, providing expert legal support to families in need. Our dedicated team of attorneys works tirelessly to ensure that every child receives the education and care they deserve.

  • Education Lawyer: Our lawyers are experts in handling educational disputes and providing effective legal representation.

  • Child Welfare Advocacy: We represent families in juvenile court, ensuring that children are placed in safe and supportive environments.

  • Local Support: Our attorneys are conveniently located and ready to assist with any legal challenges you may face.

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