Child Welfare

The Hull Firm is a law firm that provides legal representation for parents in cases of child abuse and neglect. They have a team of lawyers specializing in family law, juvenile justice, juvenile delinquency, and child welfare.  We are experts in child abuse and neglect cases and are dedicated to helping families through the often difficult process of family court and protecting their rights throughout each phase of the legal process.

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Our skillful attorney's help represents family alleged to have committed the following types of child abuse:

  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse is defined as "injury or death inflicted upon a child by a parent or caretaker other than by accidental means." Injuries as a result of physical abuse may include severe beatings, burns, bites, fractures, bruises, welts or other physical problems 
  • Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse is defined as occurring when any adult or older or more powerful child employs, uses, persuades, induces, entices or coerces any minor to engage in any act which involves ANY form of sexual intercourse
  • Emotional Abuse:  Emotional abuse occurs when a parent or caregiver creates a negative emotional atmosphere for the child. It includes a pattern of behavior that attacks a child's emotional development and sense of self-worth. Emotional abuse includes excessive, aggressive or unreasonable demands that place expectations on a child beyond his or her capacity.
  • Neglect: Neglect occurs when a parent or caretaker allows a child to experience avoidable suffering or fails to provide basic essentials for physical, social, and emotional development.

Child Abuse & Neglect Cases Solved Quickly and Efficiently: 

The Hull Firm helps parents through the legal process of dealing with child abuse and neglect cases. The Hull Firm will take your case and handle it professionally and quickly, allowing you to focus on what is most important: your family.