Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

What is the Juvenile Justice System?

Under Georgia's new Juvenile Justice Code that was went into effect on January 1, 2014, the purpose of Georgia's juvenile justice system is “to promote a juvenile justice system that will protect the community, impose accountability for violations of law, provide treatment and rehabilitation, and equip juvenile offenders with the ability to live responsibly and productively[,]…to preserve and strengthen family relationship[s, and] to guarantee due process of law.” See - O.C.G.A. § 15-11-1.  To that end, the juvenile justice system is a set of laws and procedures that govern the treatment of juveniles that focuses on rehabilitating delinquent behavior instead of punishment.

What is the Juvenile Delinquency?

The term "delinquency" refers to a violation of a law that would be a crime if committed by an adult. A child is considered to be a "delinquent" if they have committed a delinquent act and is in need of treatment and rehabilitation or supervision by the court.

What Happens if My Child Is Found to Be a Delinquent Child?

The consequences of adjudication for a delinquent act vary depending on the situation and/or needs of the child, in addition to the needs of the community.  Options for disposition can vary and can range from probation to incarceration depending on circumstances surrounding that particular case. If a child is adjudicated for a delinquent act that involves drugs their driver's license will automatically be suspended.

Do We Need to Hire a Lawyer?

If your child has been charged with committing a delinquent act such as theft, assault, drug possession, vandalism, etc., it is important that they receives proper representation from an attorney familiar with these types of cases. If handled improperly, a minor offense can follow an child into adulthood and hinder your child's future by limiting their possibilities of going to a good school.  We understand how stressful these situations can be, especially when your child is facing serious consequences and may be unclear on their rights. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing children who face delinquency charges and are happily to help you protect your child's best interest and their future.