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The Brown Family

Worried about regression during school breaks, the Brown family needed ESY services for their son with multiple disabilities.


The Brown family's son, who has multiple disabilities, was not receiving Extended School Year (ESY) services, which are crucial for preventing regression during school breaks.

Our Solution:

Our team of special education attorneys near the Brown family reviewed the case and advocated for the inclusion of ESY services in the child's IEP. We provided evidence of the child's need for continuous support and the potential for regression without ESY services.


The school district agreed to provide ESY services, ensuring that the Brown family's son receives the support he needs throughout the year. This has helped him maintain his skills and continue progressing academically.

How We Can Help You

The Hull Firm specializes in education law and child welfare, providing expert legal support to families in need. Our dedicated team of attorneys works tirelessly to ensure that every child receives the education and care they deserve.

  • Education Lawyer: Our lawyers are experts in handling educational disputes and providing effective legal representation.

  • Child Welfare Advocacy: We represent families in juvenile court, ensuring that children are placed in safe and supportive environments.

  • Local Support: Our attorneys are conveniently located and ready to assist with any legal challenges you may face.

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