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Dr. Corey Milsap



Psychology, B.A., Marshall University  

Educational Administration, M.A., Marshall University

Clinical Psychology, M.A., Argosy University 

Clinical Psychology, Ph.D., Argosy University

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About Dr. Corey Milsap

 ​Dr. Corey Milsap has vast professional experience across a range of clinical and education-related roles,
demonstrating a diverse skill set. Her career spans across multiple states including West Virginia,
Kentucky, Maryland, Florida, and Georgia. Throughout her journey, she has made significant
contributions as an educational consultant, school psychologist, licensed professional counselor, and
licensed school psychologist. Dr. Milsap's expertise lies in providing consultation and training to
clinicians, parents, teachers, and administrators, as well as assessment and therapy.

Dr. Milsap completed her higher education at Marshall University and Argosy University, where she
achieved numerous academic milestones. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Arts in
Educational Administration, an Educational Specialist in Adult and Technical Education with an emphasis
in training, a Master of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, and an Educational
Specialist in School Psychology. Additionally, she earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy
University in Virginia.

Licensed in various states, Dr. Milsap is a Licensed Professional Counselor and School Psychologist in
Georgia, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed School Psychologist in Florida, and a Licensed
Professional Counselor in Missouri.

With a commitment to improving the education system, Dr. Milsap has played a role in assisting both
local and state education agencies in restructuring schools in a positive manner, particularly during
times when greater accountability was required at every level. Her skill set includes employing
techniques for linking assessment to interventions, working closely with teachers to enhance the
classroom performance of students.

Throughout her career, Dr. Milsap has gained extensive experience in advocacy, assessment,
consultation, staff professional development, program auditing, crisis intervention, risk assessment,
counseling, bullying prevention, and drug prevention and intervention. She has worked across a range of
settings, including the juvenile and adult correctional education system, DC Superior Court Child
Guidance Clinic, residential treatment centers, public schools, autism training centers, and mental
health hospitals for both adults and children.

As a licensed professional counselor, licensed mental health counselor, and certified school psychologist,
Dr. Milsap offers individual, family, group, and couples therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. She
also conducts psycho-educational and mental health evaluations. Dr. Milsap specializes in treating
conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, grief and loss, trauma, adjustment issues, mood
disorders, and autism. She particularly enjoys working with military personnel, veterans, and their
families, supporting them through challenging times to help them discover their true potential.
Dr. Milsap's dedication to her profession extends beyond her clinical work. She served on the board of
the Licensed Professional Counselor Association from July 2021 to June 2023. In addition, she has shared
her expertise through teaching undergraduate courses in academic study skills, undergraduate
psychology courses, and graduate education courses. She is highly skilled in supervising practicum
students, interns, and professionals, and she possesses expertise in areas such as response to
Intervention (RTI), clinical training, collaborative problem-solving, data-based decision making, and
developing academic and behavioral interventions.

Dr. Milsap's seminars are rooted in peer-reviewed research, her extensive experience, training, and
education. She has shared her knowledge with educators and mental health professionals through local
agency trainings, seminars in various states, and local conventions. Her passion lies in helping individuals
overcome adversity and uncover their true potential. With her unwavering commitment, Dr. Corey
Milsap continues to make a significant impact in the field of education and mental health.

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