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Oyin Mitchell

Parent Mentor


Human Resources Development, B.S., Georgia State University

Conflict Management, M.S., Kennesaw State University


Parent's Resources

IEP Meeting Pre-Planning for Parents Workbook

My ID Journal for Parents: Guided Messaging, Journaling, Mindfulness, & Self-Care Activities for Parents of Exceptional Children

Children's Books

"But, Did You Eat Pancakes?"

"Does The Tooth Fairy Take Silver?"

"Good Karma"

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About Oyin Mitchell

Oyin J. Mitchell is a committed advocate and parent with over seven years of
experience at the IEP table, guiding parents of children with special needs. She
established My ID (Invisible Disability), a business solution aimed at empowering
parents through education during the IEP process. She focuses on educating new
parents about the process to better prepare them for the IEP table so they can enhance
their contribution to their child's special education planning. Oyin develops educational
opportunities for parents, surrogates, and foster parents of children with IEPs.. She is
an accomplished author who has published several books in English and Spanish,
including The IEP Meeting Pre-planning for Parents Workbook and Journal and
additional resources specifically tailored for parents of special needs children.

In addition to her work in special education, Oyin has over 15 years of experience in
Training and Organizational Development, Onboarding, and Program Management in
both the private and public sectors. After completing the Georgia LEND fellowship at
Georgia State University, Oyin honed her skills in parental advocacy and community
practice development for the betterment of individuals with disabilities and their families.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University
and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development from Georgia State
University, blending academic expertise, professional training, and personal experience
to make a meaningful impact in the field of special needs education and advocacy.

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