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Legal Representation for Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

At The Hull Firm, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal representation in cases involving allegations of child abuse and neglect. Our dedicated team of attorneys and advocates is experienced in handling these sensitive matters with the utmost care and professionalism.


Our Services

At The Hull Firm, we don't just offer legal representation—we provide comprehensive support throughout every stage of cases involving allegations of child abuse and neglect. We understand that each situation is unique, which is why our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child and family involved.


We offer legal representation to:

Children who are victims of abuse and neglect: Ensuring their safety, rights, and well-being are our top priorities.

Parents falsely accused of abuse or neglect: Protecting their rights and working tirelessly to clear their names.

Additionally, we accept appointments as guardian ad litems, providing the court with informed and unbiased recommendations on what is truly in the best interest of the child involved.

If you or your loved ones are facing allegations of child abuse or neglect, or if you require a guardian ad litem, contact The Hull Firm today to learn how our experienced team can assist you.

Father and Son

Child Attorney Representation


Ensuring your child is identified and evaluated for special education needs.

Small Child with Large Glasses

Guardian ad Litem Appointments

Our team advocates for personalized educational plans that cater to your child's specific needs.

Addressing the Court

Parent Attorney Representation

We procure unbiased assessments to support your child's educational needs effectively.

Dive Into Our Resources

Discover expert advice on navigating child abuse and neglect cases, understanding your legal rights, and mastering effective advocacy strategies through our YouTube videos. Our blog offers a wealth of resources, including legal updates, practical tips, and inspiring success stories. Join us in empowering your journey through the legal system to protect and support children and families!

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